Sunday, 20 September 2009

New Version - Version 1.1.1F (Full Version)

The new full version of PlanetariaX is available on the Android Market. It now includes an improved loader with a progress percentage.  This should also help with the force-close messages experienced by some users as the load is now processed in a seperate thread.


  1. Hi,
    I've just tried the Pro version in my HTC Magic and it doesn't work, I have got a friend with a Magic also and it doesn't work for him neither.
    I hope you can fix it because we are very interested in your app.


  2. Hi there,

    Yes, had reports that it doesn't run n Magic, so I'm trying to source a handset to see whats causing the problems described! Thanks for your feedback :-)

  3. Free edition (v1.4.2) doesn't work on HTC Hero, it always crash on launching and give me this error: 'The app PlanetariaX Free Edition (process com.digitaloranges.planetariax) has been interrupted. Try again later.

    I hope you can fix it, becouse i'm very interestied too.

  4. Hi, I just try to use free version, but I cannot set the date and time as I want.
    I want to see the night sky map when in day time. Can I set the time as I want?
    If no, could you add this function?

    Except this, this software is wonderful and useful for me.