Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Hello All! Well, thanks all for the positive feedback!

I've taken it all on board and I think that yes, I'm going to continue work on PlanetariaX.

Next version will include bug fixes (mainly the moon position error) and I'll also see if I can get Messiers in there.

Once again, thanks all for the feedback!


  1. On HTC-Magic after lanch message sytem no reponse from application.

  2. Just wanted to chime in with a comment and a suggestion!

    Love the app, and I´m very happy that you decided to continue development! Donating!

    Now for the suggestion part: Planetariax already has a more "amateur astronomer" feel to it than Google sky map which is more of a toy. (i.e. night mode and so forth).

    Continue along that path with telescope control (ASCOM), support for the Starry Night Bluestar adapter, complete Messenier, NGC & other deep sky / star catalogues, observation list, etc etc.

    There´s this great little piece of software for good old PalmOS and Windows mobile (shudder) called "Astromist" ( It has many of the features described above - maybe you could collaborate with that developer and bring a combination of PlanetariaX and Astromist to Andriod? It´d be a real killer app for amateur astronomers imho, and I would gladly pay for it.